Annual Gathering

I encourage everyone to consider attending one or both of these events, as they are one of the ways we stay connected with the other churches in our denominations.

Plus, a lot of people find them fun, and not just church geeks like me.

What is annual gathering?

Both denominations have regional settings. In the DOC, we are on the Northern California-Nevada Region. In the UCC, we are in the Northern California/Nevada Conference.

These bodies have annual events, called annual gatherings. These events have several purposes:

An annual meeting where the business of the region or conference is discussed and voted on.


Each Congregation will select two (2) Delegates.

Christian Church of Northern California-Nevada bylaws.


Authorized ministers (pastor), plus

(e)ach Local Church is entitled to two delegates for the first two hundred fifty active church members or fraction thereof. Each Local Church is entitled to an additional delegate who must be thirty years of age or younger when selected.

Northern California/Nevada Conference UCC Bylaws

So we can send people to vote on what the region and conference will do.

A gathering of people

It’s an opportunity to meet people in other churches.


Both events have speakers to address all attendees.
DOC will have a keynote by DOC General Minister and President, the Reverend Teresa Hord Owens, and will have a Samoan Youth Performance.

Speakers for UCC are not yet announced.


There are usually workshops people may attend. This year, they are:

DOC (descriptions at

  • Lightening Round History and Polity: Disciples’ Cultural Contexts, Historical Roots, Theological Traditions
  • Imagine God’s Limitless Love: Biblical Gender Expansiveness
  • Immigration 2022: A discussion of immigration issues at the state and national level and within the CCNC-N Region State and National Levels Asylum seekers: Better days after four years of oppression The Crises in Afghanistan and Haiti The immigra
  • Prayers at the Table… and more!!!
  • Cultivating Inner Greatness in the Church
  • How to be a Church with or without a Building
  • The CCNCN Region and the Climate Crisis
  • Mass Incarceration 2 – Social Justice Behind and Beyond the Bars
  • Disability Awareness Workshop
  • CCNCN Housing and Shelter Ministry
  • Bible Study: Doubters, Pouters, Nones, Dones, and SBNRs – Does God still love me?
  • Social Media Evangelism

UCC workshops have not yet been announced, but offerings will likely be as diverse and perhaps slightly more numerous than those for DOC.


Each event has a worship service for all who attend (and others who may want to join just for worship). 


There are usually opportunities to pick up denomination-related items such as jewelry, bumper stickers, clothing, books, etc.

When, where, how much?


 Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, 2022, at First Samoan Congregational Christian Church

Does not include lodging. A block of rooms is reserved at Wyndham Hotel, Sacramento ($119/night)

Registration is open at

  • Adult ($135.00)
  • Youth (grades 6-12) ($40.00)
  • Child (grades 1-5) ($20.00)
  • Pre-schooler ($0.00)

Right now, I am the only delegate. If someone else comes, we can double our influence.


June 17, 2022 – June 19, 2022 at Sonoma State University.
Lodging is on campus and included in registration

Registration is open at

There is a special deal for a suite, which has 2 two-person rooms and 2 one-person rooms, a living room, and a kitchen.  If we have six people going, the total cost for all six people is $1,520.00 (or 253.33 per person). But we have to register in advance as a group.

Early Bird prices (good through March 31):

  • Adult – Double Room (Early Registration) $350.00
  • Adult – Single Room (Early Registration) $380.00
  • Full Suite (Early Registration) $1,520.00
  • Child/Youth Under 18 (Early Registration) $250.00

Right now, I am the only person voting (as authorized minister). We can have two additional people as delegates, plus one youth delegate under the age of 30.

More information on each event:




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