Author: Rev. Cindi Knox

  • Not a Ghost! [Sermon]

    The Bible is not here to be believed: it is here to help us believe.

  • And They Said Nothing to Anyone, for They Were Afraid [Sermon]

    I recently read a story about pets. A woman saw her dog had been out digging, and he came back to the house with something in its mouth. When she got the dog to release it, she found it was a rabbit. The rabbit was completely lifeless, but there was no blood. Just dirt. With…

  • How Can a Leader Be Humble? [Sermon]

    There’s a somewhat famous movie synopsis taken from a television listing: (8-10p.m., TCM) Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again. It’s accurate, but not how we usually understand the movie. This was written in 1998 by Rick Polito…

  • Do You Value Your Life? [Sermon]

    In 2003 there was a bit of a scandal over guacamole. The Center for Science in the Public Interest reported that one major food company was producing guacamole with less than 2% avocado. Another company’s recipe for guacamole contained some avocado powder, but less of that than yellow #5 and blue #1. When I was…

  • Can You Do It in Sunlight? [Sermon]

    So I guess the question is what we want to shine a light on. What is actually harmful?

  • Is the Church Too Commercial? [Sermon]

    Starting next month, after Easter, each of us will purchase communion elements in the Narthex before church. We have a contract with Oblation Services who will offer communion elements on a per-item or subscription basis. More information will be available soon. Let’s go to God in prayer. God of wisdom, may the words that I…

  • Is Jesus Too Woke? [Sermon]

    How have we gotten to a place where people who follow Jesus’s words are nervous about calling themselves Christian, and people who call themselves Christian are nervous about proclaiming Jesus’ words?

  • Is It Lawful to Pay Taxes? [Sermon]

    Jesus is making the argument that if they’re worried about paying tribute to Caesar, they’re already carrying around images of Caesar whenever they go to pay for something in the market.

  • NOH8 Photoshoot December 3

    NOH8 Photoshoot on December 3 at 2:00 PM. Social hall at United Congregational Christian Church, 900 Hodgson Street (at J Street), Eureka CA 95501 More information soon!

  • Holiday Craft Fair December 2

    Saturday, December 2 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tables: $40 United Congregational Christian Church 900 Hodgson St. (at J. St.) Eureka CA 95503 707-445-5488 Table request form: