New Website

Due to the rising cost of our previous hosting arrangement, we have moved our website to a new host. In the process, you may notice some changes:

  • A new look, which may change as we settle in to our new place.
  • New addresses: while the address still works, in the process of moving, we added a new address: Whether we maintain both addresses hasn’t been decided. Let us know what you prefer!
  • Posts from the website may automatically appear on social media: our new site allows us to automatically post to our Facebook page and Twitter.
  • More activity: Pastor Cindi plans to post weekly to the website with information about the upcoming Sunday. Additionally, we can enable other authors to write about what’s going on in the church.

Some old things remain:

  • Much of the old content was brought to the new site.
  • The google map to the church is still here.
  • We still have the Breeze calendar here so you can see what’s coming up.
  • The link to Vanco for online giving is still here.

Let us know what you miss from the old site, what you’d like to see added to the new site, and any other suggestions you may have.


Pastor Cindi






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