Worship on Wednesdays!

Starting Wednesday, September 6 2023, at 6:30 PM we’re going to have something new called “Church around the Table.”

Like a normal worship service, we will have prayers and songs.

Unlike a normal service, we won’t have a pastor’s sermon, homily, or message. Instead we will read from the Narrative Lectionary and each have the opportunity to respond to it.

Some points about responding:

  • Respond to the reading, not to others’ responses.
  • Make I statements: “I think this is saying…” or “I feel like this resonates with my experience of…”
  • Your response can be how you understand it, how it speaks to you today, how it resonates with something that happened in your life.
  • Respect the privacy of worshipers by not sharing their stories outside.
  • Use what is useful to you and ignore that which is not useful to you.

If you ever wanted to hear more than one voice about scripture, or if you wanted to worship in a smaller setting, this is your opportunity.

Wednesdays beginning September 6, at 6:30 PM, in the Narthex (room you enter before the sanctuary).






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